Friday, May 17, 2013

Episodes 36-40: Topeka Writers Workshop

After a long hiatus, I am going to upload several recordings together (Leah Sewell, C. Malcolm Ellsworth, Melissa Sewell, Timothy Volpert, and me), as episodes of the podcast.  Leah Sewell is a wonderfully talented poet, editor, and cook.  She is an assistant editor at Coconut Books, and also runs the phenomenal Topeka Writers Workshop.  I was honored to take part in the workshop last summer, and met many talented poets and writers in Topeka.  These recordings were made at our final reading, at the end of last summer.  Leah's book Birth in Storm was recently released from ELJ Publications, and I highly recommend it.

Episode 36: Leah Sewell
Episode 37: C. Malcolm Ellsworth
Episode 38: Melissa Sewell
Episode 39: Ben Cartwright
Episode 40: Timothy Volpert