Sunday, April 27, 2014

Episode 41: Joshua Clover and Megan Kaminski

Episode 41 is a recording of a reading given by two phenomenal poets, Joshua Clover and Megan Kaminski, on April 16th, 2014, in Lawrence, Kansas, on the University of Kansas campus.

Joshua Clover is the author of two books of poems, The Totality for Kids (University of California Press) and Madonna anno domini.  Joshua writes the column Pop & Circumstance for The Nation, and teaches at the University of California Davis.

Megan Kaminski is the author of Desiring Map (Coconut Books) and seven chapbooks of poetry, most recently Wintering Prairie (Dusie).  Megan is an assistant professor of poetry writing at the University of Kansas, and she curates the Taproom Poetry Series in downtown Lawrence, KS.